Treatments Available with us:-

In our centre there is a scientific approach towards the problem of Male sexual weakness and Male Infertility so that we can find a long lasting and effective cure which gives the patient a satisfaction and develops a new confidence in his sexual life.

Because if there is a problem in the sexual life or a couple is anable to have children there is a lot of stress in relationships which affects the personal and professional life of a person

At our center we have different modalities of treatment which start with first finding the exact cause of the sexual weakness through different tests and we first give a trial with medicines in different combinations, which may be along with injections or along with different types of modules which include Magnetic Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Physiotherapy, Vaccum Therapy, TRT AND MANY OTHER FORMS OF NON INVASIVE TREATMENTS DEPENDING ON THE TYPE AND SEVERITY OF THE WEAKNESS.

If all the above non invasive treatments fail than we have a permanent cure in the form of PENILE PROTHESIS IMPLANT (IN which a permanent implant is placed in the penis ).
And we also perform surgeries for a curved penis and various vascular penile surgeries.


Similarly, we have surgeries for the INFERTILE PATIENT like the VVA ,VEA (joining of the ducts), Reversal of vasectomy, Varicocele microsurgery etc.